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We are very thankful that Beijing Normal University of China has made the printed version of eJMT possible in 2012, which we launch it as the Research Journal of Mathematics and Technology (RJMT). We sincerely thank the following parties for their assistance on the initial phase of the eJMT in 2007.

And we gratefully acknowledge the support of each of the following parties toward eJMT.

Tidbits of ATCM

  • (January 2023) For the latest news and tidbits of ATCM, please visit this page.
  • (January 29, 2018) Experiences from some participants who attended ATCM 2017 can be found here.
  • (January 10, 2018) A nice article about Dr. Ang Keng Cheng's plenary talk at ATCM 2017 was featured at this article .
  • (October 27, 2017) A nice video clip by Mirek Majewski how Geometry is in action, click this link.
  • (December 31, 2015) We have successfully accomplished the 20th anniversary of ATCM (ATCM 2015) with contributions from all parties. Thanks to the supports from local organizers, we had over 300 participants representing 22 countries and regions around the world. We give special thanks to our sponosrs HP, CASIO, TI, Professor Lin Qun of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Association of Mathematics Education, Capital Normal University and Chengdu Institute of Computer Applications-Chinese Academy of Sciences for making ATCM 2015 another enjoyable and instructive conference.
  • (December 31, 2015) Photo flash for ATCM 2015 can be found here. Additional photos provided by J.C. Chuan can be found at this link.
  • We are proud to announce that ATCM has provided opportunities for the two co-hosts of ATCM 2015 to sign Memorandum of Understandings with the host of ATCM 2016 during December 16-20, 2015.
  • (December 8, 2014) Photo flash for the joint conferences ATCM 2014 and local joint sessions can be found here.
  • (December 8, 2014) Additional photos from ATCM 2014 reception provided by J.C. Chuan can be found at this link. Conference opening ceremony on November 27 can be found at this link. Conference dinner on November 27 can be found at this link. Activities on November 28 can be found at this link. Activities on November 29 can be found at this link. IPC meeting on November 29 can be found at this link.
  • (November 20, 2014) Prof. Widodo, Director of PPPPTK Matematika, hosted the Reception Dinner for all international participants and invited Speakers on 26 November 2014. A welcome card can be found here .
  • (December 15, 2013) We thank the hard work by LOC members of ATCM and TIME 2013 to make the ATCM 2013 a great success, we attracted over 250 participants representing 22 countries. Some photos privided by J.C. Chuan: Reception on December 7 .
  • (December 11, 2013) The second ATCM-Korea chapter will be held at Korea National University of Education, August 6-9, 2014.
  • (January 3, 2013) The video clip of invited speech by Jonathan Lewin can be found here .
  • (December 26, 2012) The ATCM 2012 Proceedings are available here .
  • (December 26, 2012) ATCM 2012 photo flash can be found here. More ATCM 2012 photos privided by J.C. Chuan: Reception on December 16 , Opening on December 17 , December 17 , Conference Dinner on December 17 , December 18 , December 19 , December 20 , and Closing on December 20 . If you have photos to share, please send them to Professor J.C. Chuan at `jcchuan@gmail.com'.
  • (December 23, 2012) Thanks to the hosting university of ATCM 2012 and IPST, we have attracted over 400 participants represnting 28 countries around the world. We finished another instructive and enjoyable conference. The Proceedings of 2012 is available online. See you at ATCM 2013-India and Happy Holidays.
  • (February 23, 2012) We have launched the printed version of eJMT- Research Journal of Mathematics and Technology .
  • (December 21, 2011) The first ATCM-Taiwan local chapter was successfully held at National Tsing Hua University from December 17-19, 2011. The photos: December 19 , December 18 , and December 17
  • (November 16, 2011) Dr. Yang assisted Linking Up University in Hradec Králové and University in Bangkok , click here .
  • (September 27, 2011) ATCM 2011 Photo flash is available here . More ATCM 2011 photos privided by J.C. Chuan: ATCM 2011 Opening Photos . ATCM 2011 September 20 Photos . ATCM 2011 September 21 Photos . ATCM 2011 September 22 Photos . ATCM 2011 Culture Night Photos . ATCM 2011 Closing Photos
  • (September 20, 2011) Professor Dr. Wei-Chi Yang, founder of ATCM, announced the recipients of the Japan disaster relief fund he had launched in April under the name of ATCM. With responses from colleagues around the world and donation from Hewlett Packard calculator division, ATCM will contribute over 5,000USD in value to two universities, they are Tsukuba University and Tohoku University. Congratulations to these two universities.

If you are eager in promoting your mathematical software to worldwide educational markets or if you need consulting services mentioned above, please send your inquiries to admin@mathandtech.org, or Mathematics and Technology, LLC | PO Box 3684, Radford, VA 24143-3684 USA