Mathematics and Technology - Acknowledgements

The ATCM 2009 opened up the opportunity for University Collaboration between the host of 2009 (Beijing Normal University) and the host for 2010 (University of Malaya), a meeting was held on December 21, 2009.

The ATCM 2008 provided University Collaboration opportunities for the University of Hradec Králové of Czech Republic and the Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University of Thailand (host of ATCM 2008).

The ATCM 2007 successfully provided the university collaboration opportunities for the Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand (host of ATCM 2008) and the following universities from Taiwan during ATCM 2007 period: National Taipei University of Education (December 17, 2007), Chung Yuan University (December 19, 2007), HsinChu University of Education, and Chung-Hua University (December 18, 2007). We like to thank Drs. Yuan Yuan, Ming-Jang Chen, Ming-Gong Lee and Krongthong Khairiree for making all necessary arrangements.

The success of ATCM has been largely due to the participation of international delegates who have contributed to the conferences. We also like to thank all the software and hardware companies´ who have supported us over the years. Both ATCM and eJMT are not grant supported. We continuously seek sponsors and supports from national and international communities to ensure the future success of ATCM and eJMT.


(December 21, 2011) The first ATCM-Taiwan local chapter was successfully held at National Tsing Hua University from December 17-19, 2011. The photos: December 19 , December 18 , and December 17

(October 6, 2011) The ATCM 2011 was broadcasted on a Turkish TV here .

(September 28, 2011) A brief history of ATCM (in English), contributed by ATCM friends.

(September 27, 2011) The ATCM 2011 Electronic Proceedings are now available here .

(September 27, 2011) ATCM 2011 Photo flash is available here . More ATCM 2011 photos privided by J.C. Chuan: ATCM 2011 Photos .

(September 20, 2011) Professor Dr. Wei-Chi Yang, founder of ATCM, announced the recipients of the Japan disaster relief fund he had launched in April under the name of ATCM. With responses from colleagues around the world and donation from Hewlett Packard calculator division, ATCM will contribute over 5,000USD in value to two universities, they are Tsukuba University and Tohoku University. Congratulations to these two universities.

(September 3, 2011) ATCM-China chapter was launched, August 3-6, 2011 in Xi'an, China.

(April 14, 2011) Daunting YouTube on the day tsunami hit Japan on March 11 , shared by our IPC member from Japan, Masami Isoda.

(April 12, 2011) Encounter from Japan shared by our IPC member from Japan, Masami Isoda.

(Updated on January 21, 2011) ATCM 2010 Reception YouTube , ATCM 2010 Reception Photos ,
ATCM 2010 Opening YouTube , ATCM 2010 Opening Photos , ATCM 2010 Conference Dinner YouTube , ATCM 2010 Conference Dinner Photos , ATCM 2010 Photos on December 19, 2010 , ATCM 2010 December 20-YouTube , ATCM 2010 December 20-Photos , ATCM 2010 December 21-Photos (added on January 21) , contributed by J.C. Chuan.

(June 28, 2009) Founder of ATCM and eJMT, Professor Dr. Wei-Chi Yang, was interviewed by Vivian Pal of, a talk show of the official Web TV for the Ministry of Education in Malaysia. The video can be found here.

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